One Business System to Manage Sales, Marketing and Finance of the Entire Company. 

<strong>Lead Management</strong> Lead Management
Manage customer prospects and inquiries effectively to increase business revenue.
<strong>Sales Opportunities</strong> Sales Opportunities
Track potentials and target high-net customers who have purchasing capability.
<strong>Contact Manager</strong> Contact Manager
Gives you an ease of locating contacts and allows you to manage contacts in where you may let people in your organization gain access to the same contact database.
<strong>Campaign Management</strong> Campaign Management
Evaluate the success of campaigns through the revenue it brings to your company
<strong>Customer Support</strong> Customer Support
Helps you provide quick and accurate customer service to increase customer satisfaction and organizational profitability.
<strong>Knowledgebase/FAQ</strong> Knowledgebase/FAQ
Ensure that your customer gets a support all the time by providing common knowledge that your customers need to know.
<strong>Email Management</strong> Email Management
Captured emails are classified according to specific rules that stores emails appropriately for future references.
<strong>Invoice Management</strong> Invoice Management
Create invoices with few clicks and be confident that it reaches its destination in a timely manner.
<strong>Sales Forecasting</strong> Sales Forecasting
Make a statement close to the outcome of the revenue you will be getting in the coming months or years.
<strong>Sales Quotes</strong> Sales Quotes
Give a prospective buyer the costs that would be involved for the work that they would like to have done.
<strong>Product Management</strong> Product Management
Create a record of your product that is easy to update and view so that you can track your inventories efficiently.
<strong>Vendor Management</strong> Vendor Management
Establish a good communication channel between you and your supplier to increase business productivity.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy in managing current and future customers to increase profit by making sure that the highest level of service is given at all times. This would mean a quick service yet a satisfactory response to customers. In order to achieve this, information from all data sources within the company or outside the company whenever necessary are brought together so that it will become one repository where all customer needs will be accommodated through it.

CRM not only allow companies manage customer information but it also provide the means to identify potential income generating business opportunities through sales leads and track successfully closed sales deals.  In terms of improving sales, AquaCRM sees to it that the organization is well assisted in conducting marketing campaigns.

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CRM Solutions

CRM solutions support sales and marketing to ensure that both work seamlessly together toward a unified goal: taking your business success to the next level.

With CRM solutions from Aqua CRM, you can streamline and automate business processes to give all employees a 360-degree view of your customers plus insight into critical sales and customer metrics. This approach keeps everyone focused on retaining current customers and attracting new prospects.

CRM Solutions for Sales and Marketing. CRM improves lead generation and channel marketing, optimizes lead management, and delivers real-time account-related information, which keeps sales reps productive. Our CRM solutions also provide in-depth insight into sales pipelines, and analysis tools to determine which strategies and campaigns are effective and which aren’t. With Aqua CRM, your teams can focus on generating revenue instead of outmoded, manual administrative tasks.

Why AquaCRM is the BEST in Thailand?


Customers with a Thai CRM Support Subscription have access to trained personnel for resolving Support Requests. Thai CRM team proudly introduces a spectrum of offerings which places your installation in great hands – ours.

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From the basics of business computing through to mastering the most powerful features, our training ensures there’s something to help drive every business further.

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Professional Services

Thai CRM goes beyond the hardware and software needs of solution implementation. It includes a widely accepted and appreciated On Demand working model along with reliable and effective assistance at any point in your CRM life-cycle.

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CRM Animation

  • We get an eagle eye view of all our client’s activities and can determine which leads are most costly to generate, which campaigns are the most productive and profitable and can provide amazing real-time statistics on our clients’ market demographics.
  • Thai CRM makes your life easier. It gets you a lot more control of your process and product. I attribute a good portion of our efficiencies to them.
  • We started using Thai CRM in January last year without any difficulties. Our sales people and the support people are using the application every day and could improve customer relations. Maintaining the application is quite easy and what really impressed us is the good support by the Thai CRM team.
  • The main requirement of our company was to provide multiple instances of Thai CRM for our users to log into. Thai CRM’s support team handled this issue for us speedily and professionally.
  • Rachanee Phongsuwan
    Marketing Director
  • Pornate Jirakamol
    VP Corporate Sales
  • Kullawat Rodkhem

  • Director of Marketing

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