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<strong>Excel is a single-user only</strong> Excel is a single-user only
When you attempt to have more than one person access the spreadsheet, you end up with multiple copies which can never be merged again.
<strong>Excel is bilateral</strong> Excel is bilateral
Which means it is designed to chart one set of data against a second (the x and the y axis). It is therefore extremely difficult to populate multiple inter-related data sets such as contact info, history records, scheduled events, and forecasting.
<strong>Excel doesn't know how to keep certain data associated</strong> Excel doesn't know how to keep certain data associated
As an example, while sorting a list by zip code only, if you forget to expand the selection to include all your fields. You would be able to do that but will disassociate all zip code data from it’s correct record. And the mistake is unrecoverable.
<strong>Excel is file-based on your local hard drive</strong> Excel is file-based on your local hard drive
Therefore, in order to share the data with any other users, it must be copied and/or emailed – in either case, the redundancy of effort can never be eliminated. Any edits done on a file copy cannot be merged into Excel.

How about some simple things like:

  • Pulling list of all your customers, whose Birth date is in this month
  • Viewing the entire customer profile, including outcomes of past meetings, quotes sent, status of service requests, etc, while waiting for the important meeting
  • How much you billed last month and how much is still outstanding, product or territory wise

Excel is a spreadsheet tool, not a CRM tool. If you’re looking to accomplish the tasks of CRM system within Excel, you could spend months of hard work only to find out you’ve reached a dead end.

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