Sales Management

Thai CRM drives sales performance by allowing sales representatives to track and share potentials, manage and upsell into existing accounts, coordinate activities across teams.

With Thai CRM you can monitor pipeline stages through dashboards and collaborate through alerts & notifications and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

It supports the complete sales process of your organization, and it contains Lead Management, Potentials, Account & Contact Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing, Sales Analytics, and others.


  • Share sales data across individuals and teams.
  • Bring new sales representatives up to speed.
  • Present effective presentations and proposals to customers.
  • Increase productivity by automating the quotes, and invoicing.
Manage Leads
Account Management

Marketing Automation

Manage leads from multiple sources, build and track marketing campaigns, manage multiple email marketing offers, and ensure marketing and sales reps have up-to-date information necessary to close the deal.

With Thai CRM, companies are more confident about how their marketing dollars are spent and how campaign activities drive the top-line.

Thai CRM provides E-mail Marketing, Online Lead Forms, Product Management specifically useful for marketing team, along with other marketing-related modules, such as Activity Management, Calendaring, Contact Management, and so on.


  • Close the gap between lead generation and deal closure.
  • Segment customers to target the right customer set with the right message.
  • Generate and monitor campaigns across all customer channels.
  • Integration into Corporate Website for online lead generation.
  • Integrate Thai CRM with MS Word (Mail merge, printing labels, etc), MS Excel (Export reports for analysis), MS Outlook (Integrate Inbound / Outbound emails).
Manage Campaigns
Build Campaign List
Task Management

Customer Support

Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. With Thai CRM customer support, companies have the confidence that customer cases will be handled quickly and effectively.

Thai CRM customer support centralizes customer service requests across channels to allow companies to diagnose bugs, assign and escalate customer issues to resolution.

Thai CRM provides enterprise quality Customer Support & Service features, such as Ticket Management, Service Contracts Management, Customer Self Service Portal, Reports & Statistics specifically useful for your organization’s customer support force.


  • Centrally manage and share all customer service issues.
  • Manage the Service Contracts better, with expiry alerts and timely follow ups.
  • Understand frequency of incidents to improve product quality.
  • Measure the responsiveness of customer support.
  • Manage schedules, calls, meetings and emails from a single location.
  • Integration with VoIP PABX (Asterix), Make and Receive calls directly from PC.
Service Requests
Manage Contracts
Support teams

Operations Management

Thai CRM offers lot more than normal CRM software offer, as we believe, most of the small and mid size companies will improve the productivity of their internal operations, if its is integrated with the CRM.

Thai CRM offers features like, Project Management, Inventory Management, Payments & Receipts, Purchasing Management, dealing with vendors, Asset Management and much more, to give maximum returns for your investment.

Thai CRM operations management streamlines common tasks and promotes more effective communication across the company, from marketing, sales, operations to finance.


  • Tracking the Post Sales activities, to give holistic view of the customer.
  • Complete cycle from Lead to Sale, and Invoice to Receipt.
  • Manage your stock, with Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.
Project Management
Asset Management

Business Intelligence

Thai CRM BI Reporting enables you quickly assess your reported data and take immediate action to make smarter and timely business decisions. This includes business intelligence functionality that extends beyond other CRM vendors’ solutions and is easier to use. With Thai CRM you can assess customer and competitive trends—all to help you make faster, more profitable decisions.

Thai CRM reporting turns data into actionable information. Managers can monitor business performance across customer segments, marketing campaigns, sales opportunities and customer satisfaction levels.


  • Segment prospects and customers based on attributes that drive your business.
  • Benchmark campaigns to understand which efforts produce the most revenue.
  • Roll-up and analyze sales opportunities across your organization.
  • Monitor the customer satisfaction of accounts.
Standard Reports
Custom Reports
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