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Email Management CRM

Your benefits

  • Centralize all customer information and email correspondence inside AquaCRMCRM
  • Associate customers’ email conversation with CRM data
  • Share and update customer-specific emails with other users within the account
  • Send and receive emails simultaneously in CRM and your favorite POP-based email client

Key Features

  • Email tab inside AquaCRMCRM
  • Send and receive all your mails without leaving AquaCRMCRM
  • Share customer e-mails with your colleagues
  • Thread view of Email conversations
  • Integrate with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other e-mail services that support POP (most modern services and servers do)

Email Management CRM

Email management system to add/edit/delete and manage your Emails

  • Manage mailing lists based on the existing data related to leads, contacts, and potentials
  • Create mass email templates with rich-text HTML editor directly from the AquaCRM system for a better email marketing campaigns
  • Set up email opt-out process in compliance with CAN-SPAM act using unsubscribe forms
  • Schedule mass email campaigns from the selected leads and contacts
  • Manage Drip Campaigns (Scheduled automatic mailing) using series of auto-responders for leads and contacts