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How CRM can help in Improving Customer Retention

Though there are many ways how CRM can help companies in Improving their Customer Retention, the three major and most obvious things are:

1. Know Your Customer – Build Customer Database

Though its not easy or possible but db is KING

  • Knowing who your customers are
  • What they like / dislike, prefer?
  • Where do they hang out? Who influence them? How to Reach them?

How to get it

  • Loyalty Programme
  • MLM Database
  • Customer Support database
  • Customer Survey, Feedbacks, etc

2. Talk to Your Customers – Track Every Interaction

Though its not easy or possible but still, db is KING

  • Sending out Emails or Receiving Emails
  • Phone, Faxes, SMS’s
  • Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Survey, Feedbacks

How to do it?

  • Policy to Keep record of every interaction
  • SLA based response via different modes
  • Central database

3. Analysing Your Customer

Though its not easy or possible but still, db is KING

    • Best Customers

*Highes Revenue generating

*Highes Profit generating

  • Worst Customers
  • Not Moving or In Active Customers

How to use it?

  • Run Targeted Campaigns / Promotions
  • Cross Selling
  • Up Selling
Why Thai CRM?

5 Reasons why Thai CRM is best fit for SME’s of Today and Tomorrow:

1. On Demand – No need to buy any Server or Software, just start using it

2. You can use it Any Time, Any Where or on Any Device

3. Easy-to-use, customizable, and designed to increase sales productivity

4. Automated Quotations, Invoices, Reminders to give real Professional image

5. Secure Servers, Automated daily Backups, No Data loss

Thai CRM is logically designed to upgrade companies using Excel to an Online Solution, with minimal learning curve. All your existing data in Excel can be uploaded directly into the Thai CRM, without keying in again.
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